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Gate Reality Joins ASL

Gate Reality joins the American Soccer League in 6.4 Million Dollar Expansion The American Soccer League, has agreed a 5-year deal potentially worth 6.4 million dollars which will sponsor 32 ASL Franchises within the United States, waiving the initial franchise fee. In a Vertically Integrated Sponsorship deal, the ASL also announced a partnership deal last week with Socatye and this week with Gate Reality who are an end-to-end Virtual Reality production house creating 360° Video, Virtual, and Augmented Reality experiences for clients across all major platforms and sectors. Gate Reality believes strongly in the vision of the ASL; developing American professional soccer players and moving them onto the next level. Gate Reality’s Director of Global Development commented, "We are honored to be involved with ASL at this exciting stage for both organizations. It is a dramatic growth period in which we will see Virtual Reality used on and off the pitch to engage with fans all over the world. The ASL is very dynamic and progressive and we welcome its like-minded attitude and look forward to many announcements and innovations over the next five years." The ASL is the only organization in the country that sets a limit of 3 foreign players on the field at any one time, ensuring that 8 home-grown players are always on the field. The unique structure shines the focus on young American Players that are often overlooked The League currently spans from New Hampshire to Maryland. In addition to their focus on the East Coast, specific regions of the country will be targeted within the next 12 months to align with the ASL’s Expansion Plan. The ASL will add a Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Sunshine Division to the existing Northeast Division. Successful applicants will be awarded an ASL Franchise that will include an annual gift of $25,000 worth of DryWorld kits and gear. ASL Franchises will be awarded to groups who meet specific criteria that are set by the league. This sponsorship will not only benefit the new and existing professional teams but will also allow the ASL to grow exponentially and encourage more opportunities to develop American players across the U.S.A. Matt Driver, CEO of the ASL, who spearheaded the deal with these organizations states, “This has been in the process for quite some time and to get this kind of belief and support from both these groups is the game changer that I have been working for these past several months. Hopefully we can attract quality soccer groups who have the same vision as the ASL. You can learn more about the American Soccer League at ASLsoccer.org. and Gate Reality at www.GateReality.com.










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