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The Atoms finally achieved their first victory with a decisive win against the New Hampshire Bobcats. In the battle of the two winless teams in the league, the Atoms were determined to get their first win of the season saturday night. The Atoms started the game with immediate pressure against the Bobcats, resulting in a quick goal by Omar Guzman, only 3 minutes into the game (10:20). The Atoms almost took a 2-0 lead less than a minute later when a shot just missed going in. The Atoms continued their pressure against the Bobcats, who seemed a step behind every time they were defending, giving up multiple scoring chances in the first half. The Atoms had many chances to increase the lead in the first half, they hit the post multiple times, there were a few offsides, in the 23rd minute the Atoms scored but it was deemed that Yusuf Hamza played the ball out of bounds, they were only able to capitalize on one of their chances in the first half. After taking their lead into the half time, the Atoms came into the second half without missing a beat, and got their second goal of the game only 4 minutes into the half, with Terah Garnett heading the ball into the goal from a corner kick (1:12:45). It was only 5 minutes later when the Atoms were able to score their 3rd goal (1:17:35), with Omar Guzman getting his second of the game and his 3rd of the season, which has him tied for first in the league with the most goals. Later in the half, the Atoms made several substitutions, most notably keeper Joe Lubonski for Ike Onyeador in the 75th minute, this was Lubonskiís first in game action of the season, unfortunately for him, his team did not give him much to work with as they continued their pressure against the Bobcats. The combination of Ike Onyeador and Joe Lubonski were able to shut out the Bobcats as they finished the game 3-0, but it was an all around great team effort as Terah Garnett and Tim DiBiscegle played solid defense to help prevent the Bobcats from scoring. The Atoms look to continue their strong play next week against Mass United, who they lost to their first game of the season. Although the Atoms played a good game against Mass United, it was their first game they ever played together, so Mass United may have taken advantage of that, but as the season progresses, the Atoms continue to look better each game and hope that they can continue their success against the Bobcats in their rematch against Mass United. To win, the Atoms will have to make sure they shut down Mass Unitedís Mickael Ducotterd, who is their leading goal scorer, and the Atoms will continue to look for scoring success from Omar Guzman and the rest of the team. Mass United is currently 1-1-1, and haven't won a game since April 1st, when they beat the Atoms.










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