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Spring 2017 Season Champs: FURY

The Philadelphia Fury, for the 3rd season in a row, have risen victorious as the undefeated champions of the Spring Season with the American Soccer League. The Fury, who fell to the Long Island Express in the league finals this past fall, bounced back to a 10-0 season from their previous 9-1-0 record this season prior. "We never thought for one minute about wins vs losses or to try and repeat that type of success on the field," Said Matt Driver, owner of the Fury "The goal this season was to recruit players that could have the potential to move on to higher leagues at home or abroad." With the addition of plenty of new players this season, though many of which suffered injuries in the final weeks, the future of the Fury looks to be one of optimism. "We have committed to sign several very young players, 19-20 years of age, which is young for American players," said Driver, "as talented as these young man are, they lack experience which will make it tougher for us in the short term but in the long term, pay dividends." The Fury fought for the undefeated record with the help of the Golden Boot winner playing his first season with the Fury, Myles Englis. "The first part of the season, we all were getting to know each other," Englis said, "but once we got situated it felt like I had been playing with them for years." Englis scored his first goal of the season during the Furys first game against Mass United. "When I scored my first goal" said Englis, "it was a huge weight off my shoulders." Fury veteran, Chase Clement, went on to win the Golden Glove award for the spring season to help bring his team to the undefeated record. "This season was by far the best games I have played in the ASL," said Clement. Clement is regarded as a leader both on and off the field. While Clement held strong in goal to bring the Fury to their undefeated record, he knew it was the Fury as a whole who brought them this far, "Kyle Nuel and Tyler Fabian are basically magicians on the field defensively," said Clement, "and TEX (Ryan Kennedy) was everywhere, constantly challenging guys bigger than him." With the addition of many new faces to the Fury roster this Spring season, Head Coach Cris Vaccaro, had plenty of work to get the players to fit the culture of the Fury. "Our big motto is family, and staying to the system" said Vaccaro, "Chase and the other veterans, they do a tremendous job of keeping new players in line, both on and off the field." Despite having a roster filled with young athletes, Vaccaro still believes that this was "the best group of guys I have had the honor of coaching."










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