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Dan Trainor

Dan Trainor was born in Indianapolis and first became involved in soccer through his wife. He knew nothing about the sport except that the ball was round, you kicked it with your foot, and you could not use your hands. After becoming a referee,Trainor realized that he really loved soccer. While playing and refereeing, Trainor also became involved in the administration of soccer, beginning with youth league boards. He filled many roles from President to tournament director, to chairing the discipline and rules committee. During his fourteen-year tenure, Trainor led ASSA in its 94% growth of one league with 300 players to eight leagues with over 5000 players. He was able to bring back leagues that had been alienated by the previous administration, as well as recruiting new and unaffiliated leagues to join the association. With his efforts, ASSA once again had teams participating National and State programs, where Arizona had been lacking for years. When the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) was forming, the Region director recognized Trainor�s organizational strengths and put his name forward to become the commissioner of the league. The league started with 13 teams in two regions, Trainor worked to get the league incorporated as a business, establish public presence, acquire product sponsors, and widespread recognition as a viable competitor to the highest level national leagues. Throughout Trainor�s eight years as commissioner, the league grew over 79% to 60 teams across all four regions of the United States. As the current Region IV Director in the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA), Trainor is able to stay involved in the game that he loves. His many previous years as Rules Chairman for the USASA provides a respected foundation for his current role. Trainor has a leadership role in shaping the future of adult soccer to keep it a thriving sport alternative in a country with many recreation choices.











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